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About Six Sigma Foundation ...

Today there are many many competing standards for Lean Six Sigma and a race to promote own standards, but no attempt being made to create a set of open certification standards that can promote Lean Six Sigma itself. Six Sigma Foundation is perhaps the only body trying to create open standards for lean six sigma certifications and exams, yet with stringent compliance processes to ensure our training partners are able to consistently deliver best quality training services and content along with a reliable examination system. Six Sigma Foundation guidelines for ATIs allows them to plug gaps in their teaching methodologies, curriculum or examination system in a highly standardized manner. We are fundamentally against heavy accreditation costs and renewals, separate exam fees/systems etc. to validate lean six sigma curriculum and exams for our ATIs (Accredited Training Institutes).

Free and Fair Audit Process

Our Audit Process itself is standardized and Fair, Any institute interested is welcome to apply for a Free Basic Check.

Succeed with Lean Six Sigma

We are only interested in creating top class quality professionals with the best training and certification.

Driving Process Excellence

Our Standards and Goals

Certification Exam Validation

Our Aim here is to simplify things as much as possible for both students and institutes by not creating separate examination systems for partner institutes. Instead we validate existing examination systems, and share our best practices and Knowhow based on ideal online exam mechanisms for participating institutes.

Standardized Curriculum

Benefit from our Bodies of Knowledge for all levels of Lean Six Sigma. Our cutting edge content is designed to work seamlessly across industry types with key-best practices included from all Major sectors where Lean Six Sigma is practiced. We ensure participating institutes are able to plug their Gaps vis-à-vis our proposed standards during Audit phase.

Compliance with Training Best Practices

While there are clear guidelines to be followed for the minimum training hours needed for each level of Lean Six Sigma. Some of this can be tweaked on a case-by-case evaluation depending upon modes of training (Online, Offline, Hybrid) and batch sizes etc. Certification exams for each level also have clear time vs. questions ratio defined. In addition we also share Training Best Practices during Audits.

Processes that save your Dollars

While other accreditation agencies charge hefty annual maintenance fees, we charge one-time accreditation fees for Audit and compliance, followed by a small recurring audit charge every 3 years only. The initial gap-analysis is free of cost as well. We also do not create separate exam systems, but validate existing systems (against our standards) to save money for both the institute and students.

Driving Process Excellence

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