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In the world of lean six sigma processes and quality standards there has been a need to create innovative standards that can help boost lean six sigma itself, and to create high class quality professionals with the proper knowledge of the standard while not increasing training and certification costs. This is where Six Sigma Foundation (or SSF) comes in; we are making a difference in the global six sigma accreditation standards by employing innovative processes and lower accreditation costs to democratize lean six sigma certifications while maintaining highest possible quality standards for certification. From creating innovative examination and evaluation standards, better training and accreditation mechanisms and advancing curriculum levels to meet the needs of industry beyond 2020 across all levels of certifications, we are committed to bring our Accredited Training Institutes (ATIs) the most innovative and highly reliable six sigma certification standards. Our ATIs are provided with clear and open BOKs with an innovative replicable exam focus methodology to upgrade their training as well as evaluation mechanisms.

Our Accreditation Programs

Innovation at the Core

SSF Advantages

A Glimpse at the main features and Key Accreditation Advantages Unique to Six Sigma Foundation

Six Sigma Certification

  • Integrated with Industry Best Practices:

    SSF incorporates industry best practices and ideas from other standards such as ITIL, SOX (only for some financial best practices) as recommendations in our BOKs, while maintaining the core values and objectives of Lean Six Sigma along with a balanced look at the future evolution of Lean Six Sigma certification standards as per industry requirements.

  • Innovative Examination Systems:

    Among some other firsts, SSF has introduced innovative evaluation mechanisms for six sigma certifications with an aim to simplify things for students and institutes alike; we validate existing examination systems and do not enforce separate examination systems for partner institutes. We absolutely do make sure that the exam systems of our Accredited Training Institutes or ATIs are based on our replicable exam focus methodology and mechanisms.

Six Sigma Training

  • Innovative Next-gen Curriculum:

    Six Sigma Foundation’s curriculum is ready for the digital era, and more; Topics like the Role of Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence with their respective tools and techniques are part of our Bodies of Knowledge.

  • Bringing Lean Into Focus:

    While there is no Lean in our name, there is more than enough of it in our game :). Six Sigma Foundation offers unparalleled integration of Lean and Six Sigma across all of its following Lean Six Sigma Certifications:

    This class leading coverage leads to the most well balanced curriculum approach across all our BOKs.

Six Sigma Accreditation

  • Innovative Compliance Processes:

    Six Sigma Foundation Accredited Training Institutes (SSF ATIs) incur a minor “one time only" setup cost for certification exams, and in some cases even zero cost (if they already have a compliant online exam system) with no pay per exam or pay per student mechanism. Our accreditation renewal cost is lesser, with compliance audits done on BOK major revisions (free audit) and a 3 year review-cycle (paid audit). Initial gap-analysis against the SSF standards or compliance to any minor accreditation-process or curriculum updates are self-evaluation based.

  • Composite Six Sigma Bodies of Knowledge:

    With the Six Sigma Foundation Accreditation you get the most updated Lean Six Sigma curriculum amongst all other Accreditation Bodies. Our BOKs are integrated in nature and offer our partner institutes the most comprehensive enrichment of their curriculum, training as well as examination and evaluation processes.

Six Sigma Foundation

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Six Sigma Foundation BOKs

Explore our recommended Bodies of Knowledge for Lean Six Sigma Certification and Accreditation Process from Yellow till Master Black Belt Levels.


Certification and Accreditation

Institutes and Students can refer to these FAQs related to certification and accreditation, examination process, guidelines etc.